North America

2024 Hurricane Response

Southern Baptists are ready to respond to ongoing critical needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

Texas-Oklahoma Wildfires

Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief collaborate to assist ranchers and residents affected by significant wildfires across the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma.

Hurricane Idalia

Southern Baptists are ready to respond to ongoing critical needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

Hawaii Wildfires

Send Relief is supporting Hawaii Pacific Baptist Disaster Relief teams as they serve communities devastated by fires.

Toronto Ministry Center

Famous for its ethnic and cultural diversity, Toronto is also known as “the Big Smoke” because of its industrial success. Send Relief is dedicated to helping the many students, immigrants and laborers who migrate here find hope in Christ as they join the city’s workforce.

Laredo Ministry Center

Laredo, Texas, is home to one of the oldest border crossings in America’s history and serves as the United States’ largest land-based entry point. Because of this history, Laredo is a unique melting pot of a city that seamlessly blends the cultures of the U.S. and Mexico. By partnering with the Texas Baptist River Ministry, Send Relief’s ministry center in Laredo is able to provide displaced families along the U.S. Mexico border with food, clothes, hygiene kits and the hope of new life in the gospel.

Memphis Ministry Center

A local pastor described Memphis as a “gritty city” that doesn’t wait for you to choose it—it chooses you.

Memphis is resilient. It has survived war, plagues, earthquakes and Jim Crow laws to evolve into today’s industrial metropolis. Known by locals as “Bluff City,” Memphis is the home to a vibrant, multicultural community of more than half a million people.

Despite poverty levels more than 25% and crime rates that are skyrocketing by the month, God is here, moving among His people to build the Church.

Chicago Ministry Center

Home to nearly 3 million people and a popular tourist site for millions more, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. On the west side of Chicago, where most of the city’s gang-related violence takes place, Send Relief’s ministry center was established in 2021 to meet the growing spiritual needs of this metropolis. The ministry center staff, in partnership with Chicago West Bible Church and other SBC churches, are focused on strengthening families and the community with the goal of being a beacon of light in the darkness.

Valdosta Ministry Center

Nestled in the heart of Southern Georgia, the city of Valdosta is known for its exceptional southern hospitality, relaxing atmosphere, varying entertainment options and beautiful, scenic drives. Now known as the “Azalea City,” Valdosta was recently named one of the top six friendliest towns in all the United States.

Valdosta is also the center of an overwhelming battle with generational poverty and child welfare crises. 1,000 children in Valdosta are in foster care. After they exit the system, more than a quarter of these youth will experience homelessness again within the next few years.

Quebradillas Ministry Center

The city of Quebradillas is a nature-lover’s playground with a thriving surf culture, beautiful beaches, vibrant food districts and live music festivals.

However, its remoteness makes it difficult for locals to access healthcare, government assistance and a quality education.

Over 50% of the Puerto Rican population lives below the poverty line, making childhood trauma and abandonment prevalent. As a result, on any given day there are 3,500 children in government custody. Send Relief is seeking to address this need at our Quebradillas Ministry Center.

Los Angeles Ministry Center

As the entertainment capital of America, Los Angeles has a lot to offer. From movie studios to celebrities, and world-class museums to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is California’s largest and liveliest city.

While there are roughly 10 million people living in Los Angeles County alone, more than 55,000 of these residents are experiencing homelessness, making L.A. the city with the second-largest unhoused population in all of America.

But our Los Angeles Ministry Center is helping to change that.