Quebradillas Ministry Center

Doubling as an adoption agency, this family-focused ministry center provides legal and social services to adoptive families, a trauma-informed school and support to local children’s homes.



The city of Quebradillas is a nature-lover’s playground with a thriving surf culture, beautiful beaches, vibrant food districts and live music festivals.

However, its remoteness makes it difficult for locals to access healthcare, government assistance and a quality education.

Over 50% of the Puerto Rican population lives below the poverty line, making childhood trauma and abandonment prevalent. As a result, on any given day there are 3,500 children in government custody. Send Relief is seeking to address this need at our Quebradillas Ministry Center.

Located in northwest Puerto Rico, the Quebradillas Ministry Center has already helped over 300 Christian families navigate the adoption process from initial orientation to counseling and paperwork in court. Due to the neglect and abandonment that foster children often endure, the ministry center staff specializes in equipping families to adopt children with complex trauma, prioritizing these kids, their needs and the gospel throughout the entire process. Today, the ministry center is operating as an official adoption agency and helping to bring holistic restoration to Puerto Rico’s vulnerable children.

What We Do

The Quebradillas Ministry Center is committed to serving adoptive and fostering families, protecting children in the foster care system and addressing the poverty and food insecurity prevalent in Puerto Rico right now. The ministry center is the first and only organization in Puerto Rico to be certified in Trust-Based Relational Intervention, a form of healing therapy for children who have experienced trauma. With this certification and a growing reputation of transformation, the center is quickly becoming the place to go in Puerto Rico for anything related to the restoration of vulnerable families.



Javier Vargas

Ministry Center Director, Javier Vargas, was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He has been married to his wife, Yolanda Pérez, for 25 years. They have three children, Jabes, Luz and Angel—all three of them through the miracle of adoption. He has served as a youth and men’s leader, marriage counselor and small group facilitator in the local church since believing the gospel himself 25 years ago. In 2015, he founded Adoptando en PR Inc, an organization focused on educating, strengthening and equiping families for adoption while raising awareness for orphan care in the local church. Vargas has a bachelor’s degree in administration and is currently finishing his degree in theology at Dominican Baptist Theological Seminary.