Texas-Oklahoma Wildfires

Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief collaborate to assist ranchers and residents affected by significant wildfires across the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma.

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A devastating event has unfolded in the heart of the Texas panhandle, affecting many families and altering the landscape. The Texas-Oklahoma Wildfires have unleashed unprecedented destruction across vast parts of both states. Among these, the Smokehouse Creek fire is the largest blaze in Texas history, consuming nearly 1,700 square miles and extending its wrath into neighboring Oklahoma. The Windy Deuce fire has ravaged approximately 225 square miles, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

These fires, fueled by strong winds, dry conditions and high temperatures, have led to the loss of at least two human lives, the decimation of up to 500 structures and the deaths of thousands of livestock. The rural communities caught in the path of these infernos faced urgent evacuations, witnessing their homes, livelihoods and heritage engulfed by flames.

Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief are collaborating to assist ranchers and residents across the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma affected by significant wildfires.

Food sources have been wiped out for the livestock that survived the blaze. Thanks to generous donors, we’re sending more than 50,000 lbs. of hay to help these resilient ranchers care for their surviving livestock in the aftermath of the disaster.

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