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Get the tools you need to jumpstart an impactful, long-lasting ministry at your church.

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We live in a unique age when the nations are coming to our doorstep, and it has never been easier to share the gospel with hurting people from all walks of life.

After building meaningful relationships with your neighbors, you and your church have the extraordinary opportunity to create ministries that are specifically tailored to meet their needs in meaningful ways. What better way to tangibly share the love of Jesus?

Not sure where to start? Let us help!

We have free ministry guides and instructional webinars to help lead you through the crucial first steps of building a compassion ministry from the ground up. You will get advice and step-by-step tutorials from some of the nation’s leading experts in community-based compassion ministries.

Start a Ministry by Focus Area

Strengthen Communities

Communities across the globe are struggling to gain access to clean water, educational opportunities, medical care and more. Together, we can equip these communities to make sustainable, practical changes to help families thrive—all while sharing the life-changing love of Christ! Learn More

Care for Refugees

Every day, hundreds of refugees are forced to leave their homes and families to find safety and opportunities elsewhere in the hopes of a better future for their children. Refugee families often arrive in their new home countries with little money, few resources and a limited knowledge of the language and culture. You and your church can walk alongside these families as they resettle, protecting them and helping them adapt through intentional support and genuine friendship. Learn More

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Protect Children & Families

Around the world, children suffer from malnutrition and a lack of educational opportunities, and in North America, the need for foster and adoptive families has never been greater. Often, drug and alcohol use, abuse, neglect, disease and poverty have impacted the lives of vulnerable children. Your church can demonstrate unconditional love, support gospel reconciliation and help biological, foster and adoptive families thrive through a Family Advocacy Ministry. Send Relief can also help you and your church respond to abusive situations with excellence and attention through Caring Well, a free course and curriculum designed to help congregations navigate the initial stages of discovering abuse. Learn More

Fight Human Trafficking

Survivors of human trafficking are just like us. They are daughters and sons, and they are often hidden in plain sight both in your community and around the world. Ministry to trafficking survivors can be complex, but Send Relief is here to help you and your church fight for their freedom, both spiritually and physically. Learn More

Respond to Crisis

In the middle of life-altering crises, everything changes. Natural disasters, pandemics and conflicts are permanently changing families and communities all over the world in unimaginable ways. Send Relief can equip and train your church to address emergency situations by helping them heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Learn More