Care for Refugees

Every day, refugees are forced to leave everything to find security, opportunity and a new place to call home.

Often, they enter a country with few resources and unable to speak, read or understand the language. They arrive with tremendous dreams, but their needs leave them vulnerable to manipulation and abuse.

From refugee camps to permanent resettlement, you and your church can walk with them along their journey, protecting them and helping them adapt through intentional support and genuine friendship. Be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus as you help them find spiritual, physical and emotional healing.

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How to Care for Refugees

The number of displaced people has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Every day, refugees are forced to leave everything behind to find safety, opportunity, and a new place to call home. The church is called to care for our new neighbors.

How to Establish a Local Ministry

Meeting needs and changing lives happens in the context of a local community. So, how do you establish a local ministry and serve vulnerable populations in your community?


How can we serve you?

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John Barnett

John Barnett serves as the Send Relief ambassador for refugees and displaced people and also leads the Diaspora Mobilization team as a cooperative effort of IMB and NAMB. His work overseas has involved community development and urban church planting among forcibly displaced and marginalized people in Uganda, Algeria, and Europe. Through his current positions John helps to equip and mobilize churches to serve and share the love of Christ with refugees and displaced people who are resettling in communities across North America.

Ministry Center Vocational Training Changes Refugees’ Lives

At Send Relief’s Boston Ministry Center, one of our three main focuses is called the Geneva Initiative, a program designed to mobilize churches to…

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