Care for Refugees

Every day, refugees are forced to leave everything to find security, opportunity and a new place to call home.

Often, they enter a country with few resources and unable to speak, read or understand the language. They arrive with tremendous dreams, but their needs leave them vulnerable to manipulation and abuse.

From refugee camps to permanent resettlement, you and your church can walk with them along their journey, protecting them and helping them adapt through intentional support and genuine friendship. Be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus as you help them find spiritual, physical and emotional healing.


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John Barnett

John Barnett serves as the Send Relief ambassador for refugees and displaced people and is also a missions strategist with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. His work overseas has involved community development and urban church planting among forcibly displaced and marginalized people in Uganda, Algeria, and Europe. Through his current positions John helps to equip and mobilize churches to serve and share the love of Christ with refugees and displaced people who are resettling in communities across North America.

Baptists in Poland respond to support Ukrainian refugees  

Polish Baptists and International Mission Board missionaries quickly rallied to respond to the needs of Ukrainian refugees crossing the border to seek sanctuary from…

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Video: Care for Refugees Workshop

Video: Care for Refugees Workshop

Fill out the form below to access archived video for the Care for Refugees Workshop, held September 10, 2021, at the Send Relief Ministry Center in Clarkston, Georgia.
10 Ways to Pray for Afghan Refugees

10 Ways to Pray for Afghan Refugees

In the aftermath of the recent Taliban coup in Afghanistan, a mass exodus is taking place. Hurting and scared families are fleeing the only home and culture they have ever known. Even with the UK and U.S. collectively evacuating more than 100,000 people, there are still millions of Afghans displaced by the violence who are...
Care for Refugees Prayer Guide

Care for Refugees Prayer Guide

Every year, thousands of families are forced to flee their homes with little-to-no notice. They escape with only what they can carry. They are people just like you who are seeking basic human rights like food, shelter and safety. You have the opportunity to come alongside these families in prayer and friendship. Here are 20...
Refugee Relief – Five Ways You Can Be the Change

Refugee Relief – Five Ways You Can Be the Change

Today, we are experiencing the highest record of global displacement in the history of the world. In the time you took to read that sentence, two more children fled for their lives, seeking a new home and a new hope, unsure of what will meet them on the other side of their journey. Read this...