Oklahoma City Ministry Center

There are few examples of a metropolis more resilient than Oklahoma City.



Known as the Modern Frontier, Oklahoma City offers a range of exciting experiences.

Often called the “Horse Show Capital of the World,” OKC is full of cowboy culture. There’s a thriving arts and food scene, and the city is also an outdoor adventure destination for adrenaline junkies looking for, biking and hiking events.

However, OKC is also the site of consistent cycles of devastating tornadoes, homelessness and rising poverty levels, so the people of Oklahoma are no strangers to adversity. In fact, there are few examples of a metropolis more resilient than Oklahoma City.

No matter what they face, they persevere time and time again because of the Oklahoma mindset of “neighbors helping neighbors” until the job is done—this engrained valuing of community makes Oklahoma City the perfect location for a Send Relief ministry center.

What We Do

The OKC Ministry Center is committed to strengthening communities, caring for the growing refugee population and protecting children and families navigating life’s hardships. They have recently begun working alongside the large Vietnamese population and Moore Public Schools in providing food and clothing to families in need.

By partnering with local public schools and non-profit organizations, the ministry center team focuses their efforts on:

  • Connecting struggling individuals with resources
  • Helping refugee families as they resettle in their new homes
  • Meeting the basic physical and spiritual needs of those experiencing homelessness
  • Encouraging churches to engage in foster care and adoption efforts

Jim Lehew

Oklahoma City Ministry Center Director Jim Lehew has been a part of kingdom work in the OKC area for the last 34 years, 30 of which were served with his lovely wife, Brook. They have three young adult children, Kennedy, Lincoln and Jackson. Jim was serving as a local missions pastor at Emmaus Baptist Church, where he served for 21 years. By also serving as the Director of Human Resources at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Jim has the opportunity to work with 150 dedicated people across the state, serving on the frontlines while caring for vulnerable children and families.

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