Laredo Ministry Center

A quiet desert city, Laredo beautifully blends the values of its Mexican and American residents to create the town’s distinctive feel. Send Relief is committed to bringing the love of Jesus to every resident of this former Rio Grande Republic.



Laredo, Texas, is home to one of the oldest border crossings in America’s history and serves as the United States’ largest land-based entry point. Because of this history, Laredo is a unique melting pot of a city that seamlessly blends the cultures of the U.S. and Mexico. By partnering with the Texas Baptist River Ministry, Send Relief’s ministry center in Laredo is able to provide displaced families along the U.S. Mexico border with food, clothes, hygiene kits and the hope of new life in the gospel.


Osvaldo Lerma

At age 16, while attending a youth camp in Guadalajara, Mexico, God confirmed Osvaldo Lerma’s calling to ministry. Osvaldo has had the opportunity to lead in different capacities, including BSM Director for UT Brownsville, Associational Sector Leader for RGV Baptist Association, lead Pastor, and River Ministry Missionary for Texas Baptists serving along the South Texas border and Northern Mexico. He has had the opportunity to serve in compassion ministries in the community to the most vulnerable. His passion is evangelism and discipleship. He sees God at work as His people minister with love and compassion. Currently, Osvaldo, along with his wife and family, may be found in Laredo, Texas, where he serves as Director of Send Relief’s Laredo Ministry Center.

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