October 10, 2021

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About Send Relief

A Collaboration of IMB and NAMB, Send Relief Works to Meet Needs and Changes Lives

There are people in your community and around the world who desperately need help. Send Relief provides a way for you to respond directly to these needs in lasting, meaningful ways while sharing the hope of the gospel.

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Help us meet needs and change lives


Help us meet needs and change lives

Atlanta Volunteers Learn From Newly Arrived Refugees

The following testimonials were given by brothers and sisters who were part of a mission trip...

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Riots Threaten Refugee Livelihoods in South Africa

After the sudden and unexpected riots that destroyed many neighborhoods of a major South African city,...

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The Richest People in Town

In August of 2021, military planes sped down Afghan runways with crowds yelling, pushing, running—every ounce...

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A Miracle After a Cyclone

Over the past year, tropical cyclones, flash floods and landslides have devastated islands along the Asia...

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Meeting Needs,
Changing Lives