International Orphan Care

Send Relief is caring for vulnerable children across the globe through family-based solutions.


(Protect Children and Families - International)


More than 150 million children in our world are orphans.

However, in many orphanages, research has shown that 80% of orphans still have a living parent. Poverty—not a lack of caregivers—is the most common reason that vulnerable children are placed into an orphanage’s care.

Unfortunately, nine out of ten orphans are completely unprepared to live out in the world on their own upon exiting an orphanage.

James 1:27 tells us that in God’s eyes, pure and undefiled religion is helping orphans and widows in their times of hardship. With this biblical mandate in mind, we believe that family-based care is the answer to this heartbreaking problem.

Send Relief is ready to help your church learn best practices in caring for orphans across the globe!

You and your church can take the next step in learning about international orphan care by signing up for free, personalized coaching from a Send Relief expert on the mission field. Learn more about how to take a short-term mission trip to help vulnerable children or place at-risk children in their forever homes here.

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