Respond to Crisis

In the middle of a life-altering crisis, everything changes.

All over the world, natural disasters, pandemics and conflicts are altering families and communities in unimaginable ways. It’s hard to hold on to hope. You and your church can send that hope.

We respond to a wide-range of crisis, from distributing food and resources during COVID-19 to meeting critical needs in the aftermath of natural disasters to counseling a community after a mass shooting to helping families get back on their feet after a house fire.

We can equip and train you to address a crisis in your own community. And with a wide network of on-the-ground ministry partners around the world, you can give to help other affected communities heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

When responding to disasters, our primary partner is Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Across all fifty states, thousands of volunteers respond when a crisis hits, quickly providing assistance ranging from serving hot meals to helping families clean up after a storm.

Learn how you can be involved with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief in your state.


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Southern Baptists arriving to help in ‘mammoth’ tornado recovery

MAYFIELD, Ky. (BP) – Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams were working in the initial phases of rescue and recovery Tuesday (Dec. 14) in west…

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