Puerto Rico Ministry Center

Established after the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Send Relief partners with local churches to continue rebuilding and repairing residual storm damage.


(Puerto Rico – North America)


Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with warm, welcoming people. The colorful beaches and perpetual summer weather are a year-round tourist attraction and a main driver for the nation’s economy.

However, this dream destination, and its 3 million residents, have suffered greatly over the last decade. Between the pandemic, the devastation of back-to-back earthquakes and strong hurricanes, nearly 50% of Puerto Rico’s population now lives in poverty, with almost 2,500 people experiencing homelessness on any given day.

Established after the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017, the Send Relief Ministry Center, along with short-term mission trip teams, partners and local churches, has continued rebuilding and repairing the damage from natural disasters. Together, we are showing the people of Puerto Rico that they are not forgotten.




What We Do

The Puerto Rico Ministry Center is committed to serving the communities around the island by helping families find physical and spiritual restoration.

By partnering with local believers and churches, the ministry center focuses its efforts on disaster relief and reconstruction that your church can help participate in through mission trips and financial support. Additionally, the ministry center seeks to meet the tangible needs of vulnerable people in the community by serving those in times of crisis as well as being a daily presence of hope as the team shares the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Jonathan Santiago

Answering God’s calling at the age of 16, Jonathan Santiago has filled many roles in ministry as a North American Mission Board missionary, chaplain, director of student evangelism and lead pastor. Whether in New York, Houston or his native Puerto Rico, Santiago has always committed himself to excellence and diversity. He chaired a board for under-reached ethnic students while also serving on the SBC Hispanic Advisory Council and helping found the National Board of Immigration Alliance. Currently, Santiago, along with his wife and three daughters, may be found in Puerto Rico where he serves as Director of Send Relief’s Puerto Rico Ministry Center.

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