Crisis Response

When natural disasters and other emergencies take place, relief and recovery teams have to be ready to respond as soon as possible. Send Relief stays prepared to mobilize teams and relief supplies when crises happen.


(Respond to Crisis – Greatest Need – 16293)


When disaster strikes, your church or family can help communities that have endured the unimaginable. No matter how distant a disaster may seem, Send Relief has partners around the world ready to jump into action and give food, water, shelter and health care to families recovering from devastation. From major disasters like Hurricane Harvey to smaller disasters like flooding in South Asia, our ministry projects provide relief for months and even years after the disaster.

Current Crises

  • Hurricane Zeta – Hurricane Zeta struck the U.S. Gulf Coast on October 28 with Category 2 winds and rainfall. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams are responding in the aftermath of the storm through debris removal, chainsaw work, temporary roofing jobs and home flood recovery.
  • Typhoon Molave – The October 28 onset of Typhoon Molave was one of a series of typhoons to strike Southeast Asia this year, worsening already catastrophic flooding in the region. Send Relief is working with local ministry partners to provide emergency food relief to communities impacted by the disaster.
  • Earthquake in Greece & Turkey – An earthquake with a tremor magnitude of 7.0 hit Greece and Turkey on October 30, killing nearly 80 people and injuring over 950. We are working with local partners to provide blankets, food, water and debris clean up to the impacted area.
  • Super Typhoon Goni – Super Typhoon Goni roared through the Philippines with 195 mph winds late October, becoming the strongest storm on record in 2020. Send Relief is in contact with local partners to provide emergency food relief and temporary shelter to those impacted.
  • Tropical Storm Eta – Eta slammed into Nicaragua on November 3 as a category 4 hurricane with peak winds of 150 mph and swept through Central America, causing severe flooding and mudslides. After losing strength, Eta hit the coast of Florida as a tropical storm. Send Relief is partnering with local pastors and the IMB to provide emergency food distributions to those affected in Central America.

Our Impact

Last year, you gave food to nearly 500,000 individuals recovering from a disaster.