Crisis Response

When natural disasters and other emergencies take place, relief and recovery teams have to be ready to respond as soon as possible. Send Relief stays prepared to mobilize teams and relief supplies when crises happen.


(Respond to Crisis – Greatest Need)


When disaster strikes, your church or family can help communities that have endured the unimaginable. No matter how distant a disaster may seem, Send Relief has partners around the world ready to jump into action and give food, water, shelter and health care to families recovering from devastation. From major disasters like Hurricane Harvey to smaller disasters like flooding in South Asia, our ministry projects provide relief for months and even years after the disaster.

Current Crises

  • Hurricane Ida – The category 4 hurricane wreaked havoc throughout Southern Louisiana and brought torrential flooding to the northeastern United States. Send Relief is working with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams to respond to critical needs in the aftermath of the storm.
  • Haiti Earthquake – After a 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti, Send Relief is working with local partners on the ground to assess damage and determine critical needs. Join us in praying for the people of Haiti.
  • Greece Wildfires – At least 50 wildfires are blazing across islands in Greece, which have collectively destroyed more than 200,000 acres of forestland. Thousands of families have been displaced from their homes and are in desperate need of shelter and food. Send Relief is working with local leaders and church partners in Greece to provide temporary shelter and food relief to displaced families.
  • St. Vincent Volcanic Eruption La Soufrière volcano on Saint Vincent Island erupted on April 9, causing a layer of ash to blanket the island, power outages and sanitation concerns. Send Relief is partnering with local Baptist partners to serve evacuees displaced after the tragedy by providing emergency food boxes, health care and hygiene supplies.
  • Germany Flood Crisis – Beginning on July, 12 2021, several European countries faced the worst flooding crisis to impact the region this century. Causing widespread damage and hundreds of deaths, the floods are known to be one of the greatest natural disasters to occur in Western Europe, the worst of it impacting Germany. Send Relief is working with local partners in Germany to serve those impacted by the floods. Our partners are working with local churches and other organizations to provide flood recovery and clean up, basic living essentials and spiritual encouragement.

Our Impact

Last year, you gave food to nearly 500,000 individuals recovering from a disaster.