Crisis Response

When natural disasters and other emergencies take place, relief and recovery teams have to be ready to respond as soon as possible. Send Relief stays prepared to mobilize teams and relief supplies when crises happen.


(Respond to Crisis – North America Fund)


When disaster strikes, your church or family can help communities that have endured the unimaginable. No matter how distant a disaster may seem, Send Relief has partners around the world ready to jump into action and give food, water, shelter and health care to families recovering from devastation. From major disasters like Hurricane Harvey to smaller disasters like flooding in South Asia, our ministry projects provide relief for months and even years after the disaster.

Current Crises

  • Mississippi Tornado – A deadly tornado ripped through Mississippi on Friday night, flattening entire towns within minutes. Send Relief is working with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief as volunteers assess and respond to immediate needs. Join us in praying for families impacted by this disaster. To support our crisis response efforts in North America, give using the give box above.
  • Tropical Cyclone Freddy – This powerful storm has killed more than 400 people in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar since it first made landfall in late February and circled back to hit the region for a second time in mid-March. Tens of thousands have been displaced. Pray for Send Relief partners as they respond to immediate needs.
  • Turkey-Syria EarthquakeA deadly magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, causing widespread and catastrophic damage throughout the region. More than 50,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands more injured by the tragedy. Send Relief is working with local partners and churches in Syria and Turkey to respond to critical needs. Join Send Relief in praying for those impacted by the initial disaster and subsequent severe aftershocks. You can learn more and give to support our response here.
  • Ohio Train Derailment – Our ministry partners with Ohio Baptist Disaster Relief are mobilizing teams to respond to the tragic train derailment in Ohio. Volunteers mobilized on Monday, February 20 to provide clean-up efforts in affected neighborhoods. To support the response, you can give here.
  • Ukraine Crisis – As the war in Ukraine intensifies, Ukrainians are experiencing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis after being displaced from their homes. Send Relief is working with local Baptist partners in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe to meet hunger, shelter, medical and other needs for more than 1 million refugees. Your gifts to the Ukraine Crisis Fund are vital to these efforts. Click here to learn more.

Our Impact

Last year, you provided emergency food rations, temporary shelter and more to over 852,000 individuals recovering from a disaster.