Crisis Response

When natural disasters and other emergencies take place, relief and recovery teams have to be ready to respond as soon as possible. Send Relief stays prepared to mobilize teams and relief supplies when crises happen.


(Respond to Crisis – North America Fund)


When disaster strikes, your church or family can help communities that have endured the unimaginable. No matter how distant a disaster may seem, Send Relief has partners around the world ready to jump into action and give food, water, shelter and health care to families recovering from devastation. From major disasters like Hurricane Harvey to smaller disasters like flooding in South Asia, our ministry projects provide relief for months and even years after the disaster.

Current Crises

  • Texas and Louisiana Tornadoes – More than a dozen tornadoes struck communities across Texas and Louisiana in a multi-day storm starting on January 24. The hardest-hit areas experienced miles of destruction, leaving tens of thousands without power. Disaster Relief teams with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Texas Baptist Men and Louisiana Baptists are mobilizing to assess needs. Send Relief stands ready to support Southern Baptist Disaster Relief efforts once needs are known. To support the response, give using the give box above.
  • Ukraine Crisis – As the ongoing conflict on the Ukraine-Russia border intensifies, Ukraine will likely experience a catastrophic humanitarian crisis among those displaced by the conflict. Send Relief is working with local Baptist partners in Ukraine to respond to the looming crisis and meet hunger, shelter and clothing needs. Your gifts to the Ukraine Crisis Fund are already providing emergency food supplies, shelter and more for displaced families. Click here to learn more.

Our Impact

Last year, you provided emergency food rations, temporary shelter and more to over 852,000 individuals recovering from a disaster.