Global Hunger Relief

Join the fight against hunger! Global Hunger Relief provides long-term, gospel-centered solutions to hunger.


(Global Hunger Relief)


Famine. Conflict. Pandemic. Inflation. In the midst of a global hunger crisis, your gifts are making a difference.

2022 was a year of unprecedented hunger needs. In addition to regular cycles of drought and famine, food insecurity was compounded by the effects of COVID, conflict, rising food costs and an increased number of forcibly displaced persons. Send Relief is actively looking for ways to address these critical needs using your gifts to the Global Hunger Relief fund.

According to the World Food Programme, it is estimated that as many as 828 million people are going to bed hungry each night, with those facing acute hunger more than doubling from 2020 numbers to 345.2 million in 2023. As many as 50 million people in 45 countries are on the verge of famine. Though the statistics sound overwhelming, each number represents real people – mothers, fathers, children and grandparents – who desperately need food and the hope of the gospel.

Your partnership is essential as Southern Baptists continue to meet hunger needs and share God’s love in both word and deed. GHR-funded projects support crisis hunger response during natural disasters and focus on long-term, sustainable solutions to end chronic hunger, such as job skills
training, livestock and seed distribution, clean water and medical care.

Join us for Global Hunger Sunday on August 27, 2023! Learn more and download resources at

Global Hunger Relief funds are used in gospel-centered hunger projects that share God’s love in both word and deed. Established in 1978 as the World Hunger Fund, Global Hunger Relief is an initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention dedicated to combating hunger and sharing the Bread of Life. 80% of your gift goes to international hunger projects, while 20% is to meet hunger needs in North America.

Our Impact

Ending food insecurity across the world and in your neighborhood.