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Join the fight against hunger! Global Hunger Relief provides long-term, gospel-centered solutions to hunger.


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Serving Hope on Global Hunger Sunday

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Every number has a story, but when it comes to hunger, the figures paint a heartbreaking reality.

Those 828 million people worldwide, they’re not just statistics. They are individuals, families and communities grappling with the cruel consequences of war, famine, poverty and other profound challenges. But in the midst of this darkness, there’s a beacon of hope: your partnership with Global Hunger Relief (GHR).

Since its inception in 1978 as an initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention, GHR has empowered communities worldwide. And on Global Hunger Sunday, August 25, 2024, we unite in prayer and action to empower Send Relief, a collaborative ministry of the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board, to offer sustainable, gospel-centered solutions that bring lasting change toward hunger relief.

Your prayers, generosity and the dedication of Send Relief partners alleviate hunger for families and individuals through GHR. Your partnership is essential as Southern Baptists continue to meet hunger needs and share God’s love in both word and deed.

Join us this Global Hunger Sunday on August 25, 2024, to learn, pray and take action to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need! Explore the GHR website to learn more and download resources to spread the word and rally support. Let’s stand together as a global community, serving compassion, hope and love to all who hunger. 

GHR-funded projects support crisis hunger response during natural disasters and focus on long-term, sustainable solutions to end chronic hunger, such as job skills training, livestock and seed distribution, clean water and medical care. 80% of your gift goes to international hunger projects, while 20% is to meet hunger needs in North America.

Engage and Learn!

Together, we serve hope, one meal and one soul at a time in key areas like Thailand, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Mozambique and The United States.

Explore our interactive map to see the impact of Global Hunger Relief around the world, and test your knowledge with our engaging matching game.

Our Impact

Ending food insecurity across the world and in your neighborhood.