Bulls Prevent Famine in Uganda

By Send Relief Staff

Imagine the livelihood of your family hangs on three months of unpredictable weather.

This is the reality for many farmers living in rural Uganda.

Because agricultural communities depend on the rainy season, they have a limited window of time for their livestock to plow and harvester the entire years’ crops—produce that will be their families’ main source of food and only source of income.

Recently, many Ugandan farmers had their livestock stolen overnight, leaving them no option but to try harvesting their fields by hand—a slow, back-breaking, inefficient process.

The rampant spread of disease among cattle over the past year has compounded the problem. To contain the contagion, some markets have placed a temporary ban on the sale of beef, further plunging farming families into poverty.

That’s when you stepped in to help Send Relief meet this urgent need.

Prioritizing widows and orphans, our partners bought cattle for a community who was barely surviving under these new conditions and plowed their fields for free.

“Our people were desperate, confused and afraid for their futures,” said a local Send Relief partner. “Some were resorting to drinking, fighting and stealing because no plowing meant nothing was growing. Our people have food today because of the bulls and our work. Families were finally able to harvest their beans, corn and Sorghum to feed their children over the next year. Praise the Lord—through Send Relief, we were able to stop a famine from happening in our area!”

Sometimes complex problems require creative solutions. Thank you for helping us meet needs and change lives in unique ways across the world—your generosity is making a difference!

Published July 8, 2022

Send Relief Staff