Atlanta Ministry Center

Known for its diverse population, Atlanta is the home to a Send Relief center that focuses on caring for refugees through education programs, employment assistance and building relationships.


(Atlanta – North America)


Just outside Atlanta, the city of Clarkston—affectionately called “the Ellis Island of the South”—is home to one of the most diverse populations in America. In Clarkston, 60-70% of the population is foreign-born, resulting in more than 50 countries and 100 ethnic groups all residing within the same 1.4 square miles.

It is often the first stop for most of the estimated 40,000 refugees who have resettled in Georgia over the last three decades. Here, these families can find a friendly face and helpful services at Send Relief’s ministry center.

The center provides services to refugees and international families through strategic relationships with churches and other ministries. Through these important relationships, we can help provide people with better access to English classes, job skills training, afterschool tutoring and more helpful resources as they navigate a new country and culture.

For the 20% of the county who are also struggling to keep food on the table, the center offers long-lasting solutions to help raise families out of poverty and stay financially independent.

What We Do

The Atlanta Ministry Center is committed to serving the surrounding refugee population. By partnering with various resettlement agencies, local churches and volunteers, the ministry center:

  • Facilitates English as a Second Language classes
  • Organizes after-school programming
  • Offers job skills training
  • Provides affordable healthcare
  • And more!

We also offer mission trips, vision tours and training to churches, prospective missionaries and compassion ministry workers.


David Creswell

David Creswell is a Send Relief missionary serving as the Atlanta Ministry Center Director. He and his team are developing strategies for how churches can engage in compassion and mercy ministry across the whole city of Atlanta as they endeavor to come alongside church planters.