Restoring Indigenous Communities Through Global Hunger Relief

By Send Relief Staff

300 hurting people across
9 villages
1 previously unreached people group

They are just some of the many communities who you helped survive when you gave to Global Hunger Relief’s fund.

Located in a mountainous region of South America, many indigenous families were struggling to find ways to feed their children. Due to lockdown measures that had recently taken effect, they were not allowed to visit friends and family to ask for assistance or catch transportation to the nearest city for work.

The food shortage they were experiencing soon turned into a food crisis, with entire families going hungry for weeks at a time. The indigenous community was becoming desperate when help finally arrived.

Through funds provided by Global Hunger Relief, emergency food bundles were distributed to 100 of the families most in need. Additionally, local partners were able to gift many families with wool, seeds and tools for them to start their own small businesses and gardens to keep their children fed in the coming months! Valuable relationships were built through these distributions, and many heard the gospel and were prayed over for the very first time.

A great number of these families shared with our partners that they had received the emergency rations at “just the right moment” as they had run out of food the day prior. Many mothers approached local partners in tears when they were told what was in the bags—so many had come to the verge of giving up hope.

These gifts encouraged a deeply suffering people and helped replenish their motivation and hope for the future. One recipient shared, “Thank you for the food—it is infinitely appreciated, and I was not expecting it. Thanks be to God and to you who provided this great help.”

You can help more families suffering the effects of undernourishment during the pandemic by giving to Global Hunger Relief today.

Published March 23, 2021

Send Relief Staff