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Check out the current international mission trips offered in the Europe region below. Each of these projects is ongoing and receives volunteer teams year-round.

Each is an opportunity to meet a need and change a life!

In addition to these trips, our international partners sometimes request volunteers with specific skill sets to help with particular projects. You can register your interest in a particular trip or indicate skills by filling out the interest form with your church information, desired destination, time preferences and volunteer information. Someone on our team will follow up with you soon.

We look forward to exploring more international opportunities with you!

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Work with children from war-impacted families who have enrolled in youth programs. Join our national church partners in ministering to children and teens by organizing and hosting day camps. Help these kids and young adults process the trauma they have endured by engaging them with crafts, games, lessons, skits and personal testimonies as you partner together with Armenian churches in serving internally displaced families.

  • Requirements: 18+ years
  • Language: Translators provided if needed.
  • Team Size: 4-6 adults (18+)
  • Trip Length: 1 week
  • Cost: $840/person (does not include airfare, insurance, fees, COVID testing, vaccinations or quarantine requirements)

Athens, Greece

Partner with local churches and leaders to serve refugees. Volunteers will work in whatever capacity needed as they provide and distribute necessities like medicine and medical attention, hygiene items, diapers, shoes, clothes, food, clean water and shelter. Additionally, volunteers will participate in educational programs, legal support, skills training and income-generating initiatives.

  • Requirements: 13+ years
  • Language: Translators provided if needed.
  • Team size: 4-8 people (13+)
  • Trip length: 1 week
  • Cost: TBD based on participants’ interests. The final cost does not include airfare, insurance, fees, COVID testing, vaccinations or quarantine requirements.

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