When Tuberculosis Invades the Slums

By Send Relief Staff

Julaeha has a devastating form of tuberculosis resistant to drugs.

Her son, mother and two sisters died from the same disease, leaving Julaeha to grieve and fight her illness alone.

Mr. Supar also suffers from tuberculosis. He and his wife live day-to-day on the meager income they earn from a small fruit stand they run in front of their house.

Lately, Mr. Supar has lost weight at an alarming rate. His neighbors now shun him because of how weak the disease has made him.

Iyam, a housewife with one child and a husband who works as a day laborer in construction, also has tuberculosis.

Iyam’s family lives with her parents in one of the most notorious slums of Southeast Asia, fighting to stay alive and make a living.

All three patients desperately sought medical attention and a renewed sense of hope when Send Relief partners brought the gospel and life-saving tuberculosis treatments to their neighborhoods.

Nearly 300 people die of tuberculosis every day in this nation, with over half a million new cases emerging every year. Due to government corruption, distrust of the faulty health care system and a lack of public information about tuberculosis, many misdiagnosed patients fail to seek medical attention before the disease completely overtakes their bodies.

Our teams feel incredibly grateful that was not the case with Julaeha, Mr. Supar and Iyam!

After helping them obtain medicine and access nutritious food and a trusted local health clinic, Send Relief partners shared the gospel with patients and their families as they developed ongoing relationships.

Today, Julaeha is optimistic. For the first time in her life, she believes she’s healed. Mr. Supar now shares more of his anxieties surrounding his tuberculosis diagnosis and often weeps in gratitude for how you have helped his family. Finally, Iyam and her husband have grown receptive to the gospel. The medical teams closely monitor their recovery journey.

As for the other families suffering from tuberculosis, one team leader shared that “there are people in heaven today because this team took the Good News to them—they came to faith before dying.”

Pray for the many who suffer from tuberculosis—and other life-altering diseases—to find hope in Christ and that they would receive the medical attention they deserve.

Published July 13, 2022

Send Relief Staff