West African Governor Commends Send Relief Clean Water Efforts

By Send Relief Staff

Thank you for your generosity on World Water Day! Here’s where your funds are helping:

In Burkina Faso, a small village of 1,000 people had no access to clean drinking water.

Because of this, disease, low quality of life and nutrition-based illnesses in infants run rampant.

After providing the community with a well, Send Relief partners also trained a committee to oversee the village well and maintain its upkeep for years to come.

Send Relief partners at a local church heard of this village’s plight and swung into action. “This village is not large or well-known, but that’s part of why the effort to provide clean water here is so meaningful. The village leaders recognize that the church did this work entirely out of love. This love has born the fruit of people turning to God.” a partner stated.

So far, 60 people have committed their lives to Christ as a result of this project that you helped make possible!

A local governor also reached out to say that Send Relief water pumps have stayed operational even when many others do not and eventually asked that Send Relief partners train staff in water well management!

Our partner commented, “The influence of the gospel is going even further because of our good stewardship, and several youth that are a part of the church have started planting a new church in a nearby village as a result. It’s like one simple water well brought the hope they needed to open all these other doors to evangelism!”

Thank you for caring for the world’s most vulnerable by giving them the gift of clean water! Help other families gain access to safe drinking water today by donating below.

Giving water is giving life.

Provide clean water to communities in need!


Published March 25, 2022

Send Relief Staff