Water Well Helps Shepherd Save Baby

By Send Relief Staff

Sayid is a goat shepherd and millet farmer, as well as a prominent village leader, in North Africa.

Every day, Sayid would herd his goats 10 kilometers away on horseback so they could drink uncontaminated water and keep his livelihood going.

Because Sayid needed to protect the goats from predators and thieves, he had to send his only daughter out alone on a donkey to gather the two cans of water his family required on a daily basis to survive.

This put Sayid’s family in a difficult position, especially during the dry season when temperatures often rise above 120 degrees. He constantly worried for his daughter’s safety and if she would be assaulted or fall victim to heatstroke.

Because of your generosity, Send Relief partners were able to provide Sayid’s village with a fresh water source that was safe and clean to drink from!

Today, Sayid says that having a clean water well less than 100 meters from his door has changed his life forever.

He now has time to focus on his responsibilities leading the village! For example, recently a neighbor’s baby was born prematurely and was unable to drink its mother’s milk. Because Sayid didn’t have to make the daily trek to a water source, he was able to take the baby into the city for treatment.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Sayid was told that the baby would have died had he not intervened immediately.

Your gifts are saving lives around the world! On March 22, you can help more families like Sayid’s gain access to clean drinking water in celebration of World Water Day.

Give clean water now!

The gift of water is the gift of life.


Published February 28, 2022

Send Relief Staff