Vietnamese Flood Survivors Seek Shelter

By Send Relief Staff

Last year, Vietnam experienced a series of destructive tropical storms and cyclones that impacted over 5 million people, displaced more than 90,000 survivors and killed over 100 citizens.

As families evacuated, landslides and flash flooding continued to devastate homes, schools and hospitals at an alarming rate.

Months later, many survivors still had no permanent housing or way of earning a consistent income due to the destruction of their crop fields.

Because of your generous donations, Send Relief set up a distribution site that served over 1,200 people with clean blankets, bedding and temporary shelters!

Many villagers waded through the mud and hiked a whole day to make it to the site, and local church leaders met them with open arms and empathic gospel presentations.

Please continue to pray for God’s Word to take root in the hearts of the people of Vietnam whose lives were forever changed by these natural disasters.

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Published July 13, 2022

Send Relief Staff