Trauma Counseling Workshops Bring Healing to Japan

By Send Relief Staff

A third-generation Korean-Japanese woman, MyungSil, recently celebrated her second anniversary.

At 50 years old, she had two children from a previous marriage when she met and married her current husband, who also had two children.

MyungSil kept having consistent conflicts with her husband and stepsons when she discovered a counseling group sponsored by Send Relief in her city. After attending several trauma healing seminars, MyungSil courageously came forward to share her story.

In her early twenties, MyungSil dated a man she thought would bring joy to her life. She fell head over heels in love and fought with her parents constantly about their relationship. After defying their wishes to date men within their ethnicity, MyungSil thought the rocky parts of her relationship would remain in the past.

She was wrong.

After seven years of sharing a life with him, MyungSil discovered that her partner no longer wanted to have a life with her and left her to father his mistress’s child.

Devastated, she returned to her parents’ home seeking comfort but only received criticism and chastisement. Her boyfriend’s sudden betrayal and parents’ accusations had deeply wounded MyungSil and through the trauma healing seminar, she realized this experience negatively impacted her current marriage and family relationships.

One of MyungSil’s seminar facilitators shared, “As we had further discussions, MyungSil realized her trauma deeply affected her marriage. By the end of class, she realized God had loved her from the beginning and empathized with her wounded heart. She chose to accept God’s love into her life and wrote a lament poem that moved all of us. Not only did she receive Christ, but her marriage and relationships with her stepsons seem to have new birth as well!”

After the trauma healing workshop ended, MyungSil brought her family to a Christmas worship service, looking happy, healthy and rejuvenated—and she wasn’t the only one who received help!

Workshops funded by Send Relief focusing on marriage problems, motherhood and trauma counseling have also helped over 500 other people in major cities across Japan! Your generosity makes this kind of healing possible in communities around the world. If you would like to help more people like MyungSil find healing, you can give below today!

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Published January 12, 2023

Send Relief Staff