Transforming Lives and Communities in South Asia Through Agriculture and Faith

In the rolling landscapes of South Asia, a transformative project is underway, weaving together agriculture, faith and community development. Our local partner’s agricultural and employment project has impacted the lives of many, creating ripples of change that extend far beyond the immediate families.

A staggering 8,000 people have heard the Good News, with 322 embracing faith. Moreover, the project’s success has paved the way for expansion into four new regions.

At the heart of this project are stories of transformation. Vikram, a pastor and farmer with limited land, highlights the project’s potential. With assistance in cultivating banana plants around his home, Vikram now enjoys a steady income from selling bananas, meeting his family’s needs. The project also provided him with 20 turkey chicks, further establishing his farm and enhancing his financial stability. This support has allowed Vikram to dedicate more time to evangelism, leading to the planting of two churches and discipling three new pastors.

Paul is another follower of Christ who benefited from the project’s support in cultivating ginger and turmeric. The profits from his farm enabled him to open a local grocery store, creating jobs and further contributing to his community’s economic development. The financial stability has also enabled Paul to establish a new church and focus on outreach in his community.

The project has demonstrated the efficacy of combining agricultural enterprise and work skill training to foster self-sufficiency and faith in local communities. Because you give to Send Relief, we all can help by providing seed capital, materials, livestock and training. The project has helped develop sustainable farm enterprises and skilled workers. This approach not only addresses immediate physical needs but also offers a pathway to economic independence and gospel growth.

Published February 29, 2024