Torture Survivor Finds Respite in South Asian Safe Home

By Send Relief Staff

*Content warning: this article contains accounts of abuse and adult thematic content. Reader discretion is advised.*

Farida* comes from a family plagued by generational poverty.

At six years old, she was sent to work as a housemaid for wealthy families in the city. Farida’s older sister simply handed her over to her employer once their parents passed away.

There, she was abused daily.

Often in the evenings, Farida was severely beaten and tied naked to a tree for the mosquitoes to bite her skin all night. As punishment for not completing a chore “well enough,” her employer would frequently smash her small head against concrete walls, rub chili in her eyes and pour hot oil onto her body.

Once, Farida mustered the courage to run away but, when she was re-captured, her employer sealed her into a potato sack and viciously beat her with a stick. She was chronically malnourished, deprived of all comfort and connection and forced to sleep on the marble floor.

Eventually, Farida made another attempt to escape and, this time, she was able to successfully board a train away from the city. Seeing an unaccompanied, distressed minor, some concerned strangers handed her over to the police, where she was later transferred to a partnering Send Relief safe home in the region that you help fund.

When she arrived at our doors, Farida had scars all over her body and was disassociated from what was happening around her. She told our staff her story without emotion.

After eight years of being cared for by local believers and safe home workers, today Farida one of the home’s most outgoing, expressive and active teenagers. She has won multiple karate competition medals and is a competitive dancer.

Despite never having attended school prior to her arrival, Farida graduated high school this past year and has enrolled in secondary school, after which she hopes to join the army.

Recently, she told a staff member through tears, “I never knew what missing someone feels like because I never felt close to anyone before coming here. But now, the thought of leaving everyone to attend school breaks my heart.”

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Published January 12, 2023

Send Relief Staff