Testimonies Emerge from War Relief Sites in Ukraine

By Send Relief Staff

Despite its absence in the news cycle, the war in Ukraine has not disappeared.

Journalists are still being “caught” in the line of fire. Hospitals are still being bombed. Families are still fleeing. The fight for Ukrainian freedom rages on.

And Send Relief is still on the ground, offering physical help and spiritual hope in the face of the ongoing crisis.

At a relief project in which more than 5,500 food baskets, temporary shelters and blankets were distributed, a young mother took the time to share her testimony:

My family is displaced from the Donetsk region. Our city is under constant shelling.

When we came to Kyiv, we were in a difficult situation in a foreign city and had little money, so we looked for help. That’s how we happened to come to church—we were always supported there, and the children were invited to attend kids’ clubs at church. In this way, our occasional meetings grew into consistent meetings.

When the Christians found out about our situation, they suggested we go to a Christian camp, along with other church members and families like ours who were war refugees.

This dramatically changed our opinion of the Bible. My husband and I had never thought that studying the Bible could be so interesting. It changed the way we think about church.

Before we came to church, we never imagined that the atmosphere here would be so friendly or that it could be fun, comfortable and interesting. You’re never judged for your appearance or thoughts here. We’ve been supported, listened to and guided down the right path.

At the same distribution site, 50 people began following Jesus and 10 were baptized! Your gifts allow projects like these to continue being beacons of hope during a dark and uncertain time.

If you would like to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, give here today.

Published August 8, 2023

Send Relief Staff