South Asian cyclone opens doors to the gospel

In December of 2023, a cyclone devastated a coastal city in South Asia. But through your gifts, a local Send Relief partner was able to provide for those affected by the disaster, both physically and spiritually. 

In the wake of the cyclone, our dedicated team in South Asia worked tirelessly to address the immediate needs of the community. Approximately 500 people, who were severely impacted by the flood, received essential supplies such as food, water, clothing, and bedding. These items not only met their physical needs but also served as a means to build relationships for the proclamation of the gospel. These local partners were able to share the good news with about 200 people and open the doors to the gospel in three new areas.

Amidst our relief efforts, our lead partner encountered an elderly Muslim lady in one of the badly affected areas. She was ill and desperately in need of a place to rest. Tragically, her home and bed had been destroyed by the floodwaters, leaving her with nowhere to go. Our partner, responding with compassion, purchased a cot for her. The joy on her face and the gratitude expressed by her family were profound.

Sadly, a few days after receiving the bed, we received the heartbreaking news of her passing. However, in the midst of this tragedy, our partner was given a unique opportunity to demonstrate love and support to the grieving family. He attended the funeral and spent time with them, offering comfort during a difficult period. This act of kindness has not only shown the practical love of Christ but has also opened doors for further conversations about the claims of Christ with the Muslim family.

Your support has made stories like these possible, where compassion and relief efforts go hand in hand with the proclamation of the gospel. Thank you for partnering with Send Relief and making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by disaster.

Published January 22, 2024