Serving Stranded Migrants in Mexico

By Send Relief Staff

Along the southern Mexico border, thousands of migrants still seek a home.

Left with no place to turn, families stay in limbo at the border crossings, waiting in line for days on end with children in tow.

Unable to work until the completion of their asylum hearings, many families don’t have any means or support to feed themselves during this transition period.

In the act of despair, one such family felt forced to look for other options after seven months of living in a refugee house with 25 other men. Left desperate after fleeing Cuba with their 7-year-old daughter, the family slept out in the open with no shelter. They decided to take a calculated risk of hiring an illegal smuggler because they felt it safer than their current situation.

Sadly, the smuggler robbed them of the little savings they had left and abandoned them at the border.

Send Relief partners in the region heard of this family’s plight and arranged for a local church to assist them in finishing the legal process of making it to the United States. While they completed the necessary steps, the family began attending church. They soon discovered the hope that Jesus offers strangers in a foreign land.

All three soon professed Christ and took their first steps in obedience by getting baptized before resettling!

Our partners had a similar situation unfold along the border just a few weeks later with James, a friendly pastor from Cameroon.

His journey to the Americas began in Brazil and took him on a dangerous trek through eight countries—a treacherous journey that killed several of his friends and traveling companions.

Greeted with open arms upon arriving at the border station, James joined several other migrants from Cameroon at the same church. He spent his remaining time in limbo as a worship leader before legally crossing the border into Texas, where he now serves as a pastor.

These are just a few of the 3,000 migrants who received support and help through a Send Relief feeding and evangelism project that you helped fund last year!

Thank you for your care and intention to make the stranger and foreigner feel welcomed in their new home. Please continue praying for the migrant families still stuck in the paperwork process and that they would find hope and sustainable care while waiting.

Published October 20, 2022

Send Relief Staff