Serve Tour Volunteers Make a Difference in Jacksonville

By Daryn Sinclair

On September 16-17, more than 840 volunteers joined Send Relief for Serve Tour Jacksonville to show the love of Christ across the city!

In partnership with the Florida Baptist Convention and the Jacksonville Baptist Association’s Love Jax initiative, volunteers served more than 3,000 residents, packed over 60,000 meals for local children’s ministries and completed 46 compassion ministry projects to serve low-income schools, local churches and the city.

Several groups of volunteers provided free landscaping to schools throughout Jacksonville. Another team encouraged a widow that attended a local church by cleaning up her yard and home. Another team served Ukrainian refugees by providing free health care with Send Relief’s mobile dental and medical units.

It was a weekend completely dedicated to showing God’s love and serving the most vulnerable in the city. By the end of the Serve Tour stop, more than 350 people heard the gospel, and six people decided to follow Christ!

Check out the photos below to see for yourself how Serve Tour Jacksonville volunteers made a gospel impact on the city.

Published September 26, 2022

Daryn Sinclair