Serve Tour Rallies Around Churches In Need

By Send Relief Staff

Over the past few years, Bo Holland’s goal has been to help his historically Native American church in Tulsa carry out their vision of being a church for all people at all times. With more than 18 tribes represented in Living Hope Baptist Church congregation, the church was looking outward to restore the community around them.

Living Hope applied for grants to make extensive repairs to their building, but their requests were turned down time and time again. Even though they were focused on caring for those experiencing homelessness and poverty, they couldn’t even house their ministry in a safe and sturdy building.

All Holland could do was remind his congregation that God would provide—and He did.

At Serve Tour Tulsa, volunteers took care of all their construction needs, free of charge.

“Sometimes our community feels like no one knows we’re here, but to have this much action and movement around this community has brought so much hope to our church members,” said Holland. “Thanks to the Lord and thank you to the Serve Tour volunteers for all you have selflessly done for our church!”

You can help more pastors like Bo Holland care for their hurting communities by signing up for a volunteer project through Send Relief’s Serve Tour! To learn more and secure your spot today, click here.

Published January 26, 2022

Send Relief Staff