Send Relief’s Impact on Afghan Refugee Families

In the face of adversity, Send Relief’s partner, Central Asian Refugee Care for Women, has emerged as a beacon of hope for Afghan refugees grappling with the aftermath of their country’s crisis. Amidst the turmoil, families like Maryam’s have found solace and strength through the Trauma Healing program in Central Asia.

Maryam and her family’s journey from a prosperous life in Afghanistan to seeking refuge with only a few suitcases highlights the stark reality many refugees face. The rent is high, job opportunities are scarce and they didn’t have the documentation needed for their children to attend school. Maryam descended into anxiety and depression, wandering the streets in search of solace.

The turning point for Maryam came when she was introduced to Central Asian Refugee Care for Women’s Trauma Healing classes. Initially overwhelmed, Maryam found it difficult to articulate her experiences and emotions. However, the program’s nurturing environment and practical tools gradually enabled her to voice her story, facilitating a journey from darkness to clarity. Maryam’s testimony, “At first everything felt dark and unclear… But now, it’s like my eyes are open and I can see clearly,” reflects the profound impact of the Trauma Healing program on her life.

More than 800 people have been impacted by the program, and 250 have heard the Good News. Most importantly, six have come to faith!

The comprehensive approach of the Trauma Healing program, encompassing not just emotional and spiritual healing but also practical education, has addressed the multifaceted needs of Afghan refugee women and their families. Parenting, health education and skills development classes have empowered women with knowledge and confidence to care for themselves and their children, contributing to improved health outcomes and lower mortality rates.

Recognizing the diverse needs of the refugee community, they expanded their support through additional classes focusing on early childhood development, English language proficiency, men’s support groups and at-risk youth. These initiatives have provided essential skills and education and fostered a sense of community and belonging among the refugees.

TBecause you give to the ongoing needs of Afghan refugees, Send Relief and its local partners have made a lasting impact on the lives of refugees, helping them navigate their challenges and rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose.

Published February 15, 2024