Send Relief Responds to the Ukraine Conflict

By Send Relief Staff

Ukraine Testimonies

These are the testimonies we are hearing from our trusted partners in and around Ukraine.

“Right now, all of my people are hunkering down in bomb shelters or leaving the area.”

“Please pray for our families in bomb shelters. There are so many children who will carry these memories with them. From today on, their lives have been changed.”

“As I’ve been hearing from people in various cities across Ukraine the past 10 hours, my heart is breaking for the struggles they’re facing. The few who have cars are trying to flee the cities, heading west. Most do not have that option, however, and are sheltering in their apartments or in makeshift bomb shelters in the underground metro stations. People are terrified, and many cannot find ways to get in touch with their families — some of whom live in small villages near the Russian border. Most of the international students have no way to leave the country. They’re worried about their lives and their studies. Others live in small towns where they’re only hearing sporadic news about what’s happening and aren’t sure what to believe. Please pray that all will turn to God and the Word during these times.”

Russia Invades Ukraine

On February 24, Russia moved its troops into Ukraine, leaving over 55 soldiers and civilians dead and nearly 200 injured — with numbers still climbing.

As of last Thursday, Russia also openly began moving tanks and aircraft over Ukrainian borders.

After nearly a decade of intermittent conflict between the two countries, Russia officially confirmed its intentions to annex Ukraine in the coming months and recognize its recently removed sovereign regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The anticipated war between these nations will spark yet another devastating refugee crisis that could cause the displacement of up to five million Ukrainians.

Displaced People and Families

While those in the most at-risk regions migrate to Western Ukraine in a caravan of internally displaced people (IDPs), many other families are attempting to cross the border into neighboring countries like Poland and Romania.

Mass evacuations are expected in the coming weeks as bombings and air raids continue.

Send Relief partners nearby anticipate the greatest needs for these fleeing families will be food, water, shelter, clothing and hygiene items.

Send Relief’s Crisis Response Director Coy Webb commented, “We are saddened by the continued escalation of war in Ukraine and the suffering it is causing to multitudes of people across this land. We anticipate the result of this continued crisis will be millions of people displaced from their homes,” he said. “Send Relief has already been helping through local partners and is working with them to plan further response as the crisis seems to be worsening. We pray for peace to this troubled region and that we can meet real needs and offer the hope of Christ in the midst of the darkness.”

We are currently working through local Baptist connections to respond to the ongoing crisis by providing IDPs with temporary shelter, emergency food rations, warm clothing and other necessities, as well as offering transportation to assist those in need of emergency evacuations.

Help families fleeing the conflict by giving to Send Relief and using our free Ukraine prayer guide to intercede for those in need.

Published February 28, 2022

Send Relief Staff