Mother and Child Saved in Hurricane Wreckage

As stories about Hurricane Dorian’s landfall are starting to come in from our teams on the ground, we have been encouraged by hearing about God’s continued provision during this time of unimaginable pain for Bahamians.

On their ride into a majorly affected region, one of our partners struck up a conversation with a local taxi driver who had family and friends displaced by the hurricane’s path through the Abaco Islands. In sharing about his friend’s experience, the driver described one mother and child who were home alone when the storm hit. Without warning, water began to pour into the doors and windows so quickly that before his friend had time to react, the flood waters had already risen to her neck. 

Grasping for her toddler, she managed to get her child on top of a refrigerator that was floating by and – in an act of desperation – began thinking of ways to end their lives before drowning became the only option left.

Just when she thought there was no way out, the mother saw a small gleam of light coming from a window and watched as some snakes wriggled their way out into the sunshine. She was able to throw a nearby object at the window, creating an opening she and her child could swim towards.

Much to her surprise, there were rescue teams outside waiting to see if there were any people in the home. The mother insisted that they take her child first and had resigned herself to being swept away by undercurrents in the process, but emergency responders were able to save her as well.

God is on the move in the midst of this calamity. First responders are continuing to show the love of Christ to families torn apart by the devastation incurred on the Abaco Islands, but the Bahamas are still in need of your prayers.

Published September 12, 2019