Reversing Maternal Fatality Rates in Central Asia

By Send Relief Staff

In one country in Central Asia, society discourages women from going to school and values them only for the children they can produce.

With one of the worst maternal fatality death rates globally, this nation limits women’s access to free clinics and has very little accessible health care.

This lack of accessibility has led to women experiencing high levels of anemia, diabetes, malnutrition and stillborn or maternal deaths during and after delivery. The trauma these women incur during pregnancy and labor has led to significantly higher rates than in Western nations, leading to long-term mental health issues and extended recovery times after birth.

With the help of local partners, Send Relief began to offer free health care services to pregnant women providing prenatal care, home visits, medication and ongoing support to nearly 3,500 new mothers!

Over the course of 1,300 group trainings, these new mothers learned about pregnancy, nutrition, breastfeeding, hospital referrals and family planning.

As a result, no maternal deaths happened in the group that year and babies’ birth weights considerably increased!

Behind closed doors, our partners shared the Good News with the women and their families, leading to many repeat patients and several meaningful ongoing relationships.

Pray for the doctors and midwives in this country to obtain the training necessary to continue to save lives and for women to receive a new, more dignifying place in society.

Published October 20, 2022

Send Relief Staff