Relief Project in Ivory Coast Brings Pastor to Tears

By Send Relief Staff

“One pastor stood and just cried as he thanked those that gave so that he might have this gift. He is a 70-year-old widower who told us that he had never in his life been given a gift like that. He explained to us that so often he gives what little he has, so this time to be a recipient was overwhelming.”

This is what one Send Relief director had to share about a project you helped fund in Ivory Coast this year!

Across West Africa, widows, orphans and families who were already impoverished are feeling the long-term effects of a global pandemic and the economic crises it has caused. National aid in the country has not trickled down to these hurting people, and few national churches have the resources to help the neighborhoods around them.

Because of your faithful giving, Send Relief worked with local churches to share the love of Christ as they delivered masks, hygiene items, soap, rice, pasta, oil and much more to families. They also built handwashing stations in nearly 20 churches to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and care for those identified as the most “at-risk” in these congregations.

An area director overseeing the project commented, “We were able to provide some tangible relief for a situation that was very heavy with fear. Locals in our area often live day-to-day with no savings or reserves, so the loss of income and difficulty getting supplies due to COVID-19 made an already-difficult situation quite problematic. Pastors were also hard hit, as their congregations are not meeting or tithing at this time. Because of this project, they were able to know where their next meal was coming from and that their limited funds could be saved and put towards helping them get restarted at their jobs now that the country is opening up.”

Pray for the people of Ivory Coast as they continue to navigate this national financial crisis and for the government to remain at peace so that believers can continue to meet together and share the love of Christ with those around them.

Published October 20, 2021

Send Relief Staff