Raising Chickens Reunites A Father with His Family

Kai was working long hours at a factory far from his village and was still struggling to keep food on the table for his two small sons. Kai’s village was impoverished, and many children had parents who were away for half the year because they needed to work to support their families back home.

Send Relief teams heard about this village’s ongoing struggle with food security and provided 200 chickens for villagers to use to start a small business. As they cared for the chickens, our partners shared the gospel and God’s love with families who had never before heard the name of Jesus.

As a result, Kai was able to stay with his family another year, raising chickens and selling their eggs and meat at the market, and his community was discipled and through Send Relief partners and local churches.

Four community leaders were baptized at the end of this project, and many more are now equipped to start their own chicken farms that will help feed and clothe their families! A chicken can make a difference, and so can you.

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Published November 20, 2020