Quenching Thirst and Nurturing Faith

In a mountainous South Asian state, many people lack access to safe drinking water. The Living Water Well Project focuses on 43 communities across nine districts in this South Asian country that are in great need of clean drinking water. Local Send Relief partners worked together to identify and assess the communities to confirm locations with the greatest need. Some of the communities had wells, but people lived too far away to have access to them. Many of the wells were contaminated with arsenic from groundwater run-off.

This project provided access to clean drinking water for more than 8,000 people. The goal was to provide people with clean drinking water and share the good news of the Living Water. While installing bore-wells, many of our local partner churches got together at the spot of the bore-well work to start with a word of prayer. In many non-Christian villages, they shared the gospel with villagers and have been invited to return to those villages to share more. In total, 7,000 people have heard the gospel, and 16 came to know Christ. Now that work is done, our local partners continue visiting these villages for ongoing discipleship.

Among the villagers impacted is Kumar*, whose testimony underscores the transformative power of the project. Kumar’s village, home to around 300 families, previously relied on pond water for all their needs, a practice fraught with health risks. The introduction of a bore-well by Send Relief has provided clean drinking water and opened doors to the gospel. Kumar said, “Our village got the opportunity to hear about the love of God and Jesus. Just a month ago, I received Jesus and started following Him with two other new families.”

Similarly, a local pastor, Patel*, highlights the project’s role in fostering community engagement and gospel outreach. The bore-well projects have become platforms for volunteers from local churches to serve their communities, share their faith and cultivate a sense of unity and purpose.

As the Living Water Well Project continues to ripple through the lives it touches, its outcomes speak volumes. Because you give, Send Relief and its international partners can meet needs and change lives.

Published March 15, 2024