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Paying Off Medical Debt and Sharing the Gospel in Cambodia

By Send Relief Staff

Mrs. So and her husband were already struggling to keep their income consistent when Mr. So suddenly became severely ill and was forced to quit his job. They were desperately searching for ways to pay the local hospital to diagnose Mr. So’s mysterious disease when Send Relief partners stepped in and paid for their treatment. Because of this intervention, Mr. So received a tuberculosis diagnosis in time to get the urgent medical attention he needed to survive.

Similarly, Ms. Hanh had a stroke in her mid-30’s and was unable to pay the emergency medical bills that arose as a result. She had to sell her house for cash and asked her eldest daughter to move home to help care for her and pay for weekly injections that weren’t helping alleviate her symptoms.

With Send Relief’s help, Ms. Hanh gained access to competent medical care and received an accurate prognosis! Ms. Hanh and her daughter also heard the good news of the gospel for the first time and were shown the tangible love of Jesus through our partners.

Today, Mr. and Mrs. So have heard the gospel and readily acknowledge how God brought them through this trying time. The So’s also work again and can support themselves because of the attentive medical assistance they received. Ms. Hanh shared that on a daily basis, she takes time to thank God for helping her through Send Relief when no one else was willing to.

These families know the love of Christ because of your generosity! Without you, this project and many others would not be possible.

But the Hanh’s and So’s aren’t the only ones who benefited from this effort — residents of four different communities around Cambodia were taught about Jesus, given access to quality medical care and shown practical ways to help prevent diseases from spreading in their families.

Many people in Cambodia suffer from poor health and, because medical care is so costly, many families aquire crippling debt if a family member falls ill. Our partners sought out families who would not have had the resources to survive had Send Relief not connected them with trusted medical care providers and paid for their treatment. Thank you for empowering these families to live another day!

Please continue praying for the seeds of the gospel to bear fruit and for believers in Cambodia to find opportunities to love their neighbors in the coming year.

Published November 4, 2021

Send Relief Staff