Partnerships in the U.S. Change Lives in Brazil

By Send Relief Staff

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, many people were already suffering from food insecurity when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Often, families turned to the local churches to provide meals, but pastors and their congregations were facing the same threat. Additionally, many churches had stopped meeting in person and vulnerable members were even further isolated by the lockdown measures. It was clear that a third party was needed to send relief and hope to revive the local Church in Brazil.

Because of your generosity, Send Relief provided resources to IMB partners who purchased and distributed emergency food rations to Rio’s most vulnerable by partnering with a trusted couple on the ground.

One half of this couple, Jenny*, shared her story of partnership with Send Relief:

“Twice a month for three months, we shared the gospel, read from the Bible, prayed, listened and formed relationships with families. Relief was sent to those with the immediate physical need of hunger, and parents could rest more easily knowing their children were going to bed fed. Relief was sent to those who were isolated and lonely, as we talked, laughed and cried together. Relief was sent to churches and local believers who missed worshipping and engaging with their communities. Relief was sent to those who had lost hope, as they heard the story of the greatest hope of all—the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Relief was delivered by North American Southern Baptist volunteers who heard the powerful testimonies of how the food and visits had blessed local families. Finally, relief was sent to us, your partners on the ground, as we were encouraged and trained to walk alongside our national partners.”

So, what happens when thousands of Southern Baptists pray and give to Send Relief?

In Rio, this meant more than 700 people heard the gospel, and more than 150 received Jesus as Lord. Twenty Bible study groups were formed, and 10 new believers have already been baptized.

Jenny commented, “We never could have imagined how much God would use this project. Amazing things have happened on so many different levels. Send Relief makes a difference to so many!”

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and donations to send relief around the world. Your gifts are transforming lives and bringing hurting people to Christ!

*Name changed for security.

Published September 21, 2021

Send Relief Staff