Orphans with HIV Find New Life in Food Program

By Send Relief Staff

Hallan is an orphan who tested positive for HIV and AIDS.

He lost both his parents to the same disease, so as a result, Hallan and his three siblings live with their aunt, a launderer.

At her house, Hallan and his brothers and sisters sleep on the dirt floor, spending most of their days scavenging dumpsters for leftover food and scraps.

As Hallan’s health condition consistently worsened, a Send Relief partner in the region discovered his situation thankfully and immediately enrolled him and his siblings, along with 100 other impoverished children, in our Global Hunger Relief-funded meal program.

For 12 weeks, the children received nutritious snacks, hot meals and the tangible love of Christ from volunteers at a local church. The project also raised general awareness about the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet in combating diseases.

Hallan first entered the program weak, pale and suffering from severe malnutrition, but today, he takes regular doses of medication and is full of joy and energy!

Despite the challenges of pandemic-fueled price increases and job layoffs, the program continues to serve the region’s most underprivileged children. It has led to lasting relationships with local government officials committed to curbing hunger in their city.

Pray for other underserved children, those with disabilities and the elderly to hear about this program in time to receive life-saving food rations! To help more vulnerable communities access the food they need, give below today.

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Published November 17, 2022

Send Relief Staff