You Helped Provide Clean Camp Facilities!

Cyclones Idai and Kenneth caused severe flooding in Mozambique, and agriculturally dependent communities are still recovering from the damage. Thank you for your continued prayers and involvement!

Almost 2 million acres of crops have been destroyed by the heavy rains, and many families had to resort to crafting temporary shelters after their homes were submerged, but you have provided critical support along the way.

Your generosity enabled BGR partners on the ground to build sanitary hand-washing stations and latrines for the internally displaced people who were most severely affected. The aid provided was also used to empower local officials with the necessary training to help foster cleaner living conditions in the community. BGR partners facilitated the units’ maintenance and exhibitions of helpful hygiene tips in an attempt to curb the spread of infection-related diseases, and thanks to these endeavors, there were no reported cases of cholera in the camps along the Rovubwe River!

Local partners have continued to minister in the camps by the river bank and are starting to become more involved, as marked progress is being made. Many affected by the unexpected surge of floods in the area have found comfort in the care of faith communities and are hopeful that their homes will soon be restored. Thank you so much for your open-handedness—you made a real and tangible difference in this community’s well-being! Help more people recovering from disasters by donating today.

Published August 19, 2019