Mountaintop Assembly Line Makes Water Well for Isolated Village

By Send Relief Staff

Thank you for giving on World Water Day! Here’s one story of how your gifts are helping communities around the world gain access to clean drinking water.

In a remote community in Southeast Asia, villagers were taking long treks up a mountain to fill buckets with water and make the treacherous journey back home before nightfall.

Many people weren’t able to make this daily voyage and had to resort to getting water from polluted wells and rivers, causing widespread health issues in the community.

A Send Relief project director in the region commented, “It’s hard to imagine people still living this way—ways that date back centuries where access to clean water has been hard to come by ever since they can remember.”

But at Send Relief, we believe that access to safe drinking water is a basic human right, so a team of partners and volunteers got to work.

After arriving at the village, the team biked trails up the mountain for two hours before hiking to the summit. Volunteers carried large sacks of cement, pipes for an extensive plumbing system, loads of lumber and sacks of building supplies.

Once the materials were delivered, the team dug a well and began laying the pipe from the summit to the village center and, in just over a month, village residents were able to enjoy easy access to clean water for the very first time in their lives.

A volunteer shared, “What a difference this has made in our small village where villagers have suffered for years with no water for cooking, drinking and other simple tasks many take for granted! The people were so happy to have a faucet not far from their house, and this opened up opportunities for us to share with those practicing animism about the Water of Life.”

Because of this access to fresh water, our team was able to share the good news of the Living Water with 200 villagers over the course of the project.

A government official who was originally from this village, Caleb, stated, “This project has been such a blessing for my people! It has provided them with access they never had before to water. I am confident that many will come to faith through this, and I am searching for other areas in my country where we might do the same.”

Thank you for getting clean water to the remote villages and Caleb’s of the world! You can help even more people gain access to safe drinking water by giving below today.

Water is the gift of life.

Help more families gain access to safe drinking water today!


Published March 24, 2022

Send Relief Staff