More help needed as Ukrainians flee Russian invasion

By Brandon Porter

POLAND (BP) — As hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians flee from the Russian oppression being forced upon them, Polish Christians and Southern Baptist workers are ready to care for them.

“It’s been amazing to see how God has used IMB workers with significant language skills and cultural understanding to minister to these refugees right now,” said Russell Archer, an IMB leader serving in Europe.

Ukrainian women and children seek help as they have fled their homes because of the Russian invasion. IMB photo

Archer has witnessed God’s people leading relief efforts. “Other groups and even local governments are struggling to come up with a plan and find people who can communicate with the refugees, and national Baptist churches and our people are already meeting them at train stations and bus stops as they arrive and jumping right into ministry. Truly, God is at work,” Archer told Baptist Press.

Send Relief President Bryant Wright says many of those needing help are coming with, at most, a suitcase. Some are only escaping with the clothes they have on, with more refugees on the way.

“Since the invasion, we have and will continue to expand our efforts within the region. We’re thankful for the financial support and encourage everyone to keep praying for the people of Ukraine as they look for safety and help,” said Wright.

IMB President Paul Chitwood has been in the region most of the week. He’s talked to a number of Ukrainians who have been displaced and Polish Christians who have been come to their aid.

In a video message, Chitwood thanked those who have given to the effort. “Because of your giving through a network of partners inside of Ukraine, and all around Ukraine, we were able to respond quickly. We will continue to respond quickly.”

Chitwood and Wright agree the two best ways to help those in need is through prayer and financial gifts through Send Relief to help the effort.

“Because of the generosity of so many, Send Relief is providing food, shelter, basic but critical supplies, and most importantly, the hope of the Gospel,” Wright said.

Published March 7, 2022

Brandon Porter

Brandon Porter serves as Associate Vice President for Convention News at the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee.