Mobile Missions Network Sees God Work Through Compassion Ministry

One of Send Relief’s partners, Mobile Missions Network, is bringing the church to hurting communities, rather than waiting for people to enter the four walls of the church. Through their shower trailer, food pantry, clothing closet and car care clinic, they’ve seen God work in the metro Tulsa area of Oklahoma.

A severe storm last year left many in the area without power for a whole week. The Mobile Missions Network, however, saw the storm as an opportunity to show Christ’s love to their community. They were able to feed people breakfast, lunch and dinner, passing out more than 2,400 meals and establishing relationships.

One such friendship formed was with Michelle and her daughter. This family started coming to Mobile Missions Network’s food pantry and was so touched by what they witnessed there that they brought homemade Mexican food to the staff. Lately, they have been attending the staff’s prayer time on Tuesday mornings. Michelle even told one of the staff members, with tears in her eyes, that she feels called to go on a mission trip.

But the Mobile Missions Network isn’t just seeing lives transformed in their community; they are also seeing God work among their staff and volunteers. One volunteer, Rebecca, started as a shy helper for the food pantry. However, as she got accustomed to the ministry, she started helping as a personal shopper and was soon praying with people.

Rebecca also leads a free monthly meal to reach the community. What first started with just a few, is now an outreach that attracts an average of 50 attendees. The heart of this ministry is to bridge attendees to the church.

The Mobile Missions Network facility ministers out of was once a small church of 50 people. Now, this building not only houses their church but also hosts a ministry center where activities take place all throughout the week. Through this, the church is witnessing new life in its own building and the surrounding community as needs are met and lives are changed.

Published February 2, 2024