Makeshift COVID Hospitals in Madagascar

The second wave of COVID-19 has officially descended in Madagascar.

Though the island nation was able to manage the first wave fairly efficiently, this second round has wreaked havoc on the country’s infrastructures.

Hospitals are overflowing. Schools and government buildings are being converted into makeshift treatment centers, and oxygen supplies are at an all-time low.

Send Relief partners Ben and Erin Sprankle, in cooperation with local ministry partners, were recently able to gain access to one of these makeshift emergency rooms. They shared, “We have been so encouraged by the response from the hospital after our initial visit. Three staff and one patient were saved, the hospital authorities have requested regular weekly visits from our group, and another local Baptist church pastor has agreed to begin a chaplaincy program. Additionally, the staff is in awe of the fact that, since our first visit on April 28, there has not been one death—in fact, a number of patients have been healed and returned home! New patients are now arriving, allowing even more people to come and hear the gospel!”

A new Send Relief project is planned in the region has the potential to directly benefit 2,500 people with much-needed medical supplies for hospital staff and patients. Various hospitals throughout the island will receive items they have specifically requested, such as oxygen kits, personal protective equipment, stainless steel hospital trays and an array of disinfectant supplies.

Local volunteer groups will be doing bedside visitations twice a week for the next three months in an effort to deliver a blanket, hand sanitizer and the promise of prayer to every patient in need.

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Published June 4, 2021