Landslide Relief in South Asia: Transforming Lives Through Compassion and Hope

In December 2023, a ray of hope descended upon a remote mountainous village in South Asia that had endured the devastating consequences of an earthquake and landslide. This disaster left 90 homes damaged or destroyed, and the looming threat of unstable land promised further destruction during the upcoming monsoon season. Responding to this urgent need, a disaster relief project was initiated, made possible by generous donations and executed in collaboration with Send Relief’s local partners.

The primary objective of the relief project was to provide immediate assistance to the affected community, offering physical relief and a Christmas message of hope. The distribution included essential items such as food, blankets, mats, rice, oil, soap, sugar, dhal, and water filters. This support aimed to sustain the villagers through the harsh winter months and create an opportunity to share the gospel.

Before the distribution, a brief but impactful gospel message was shared with both believers and unbelievers. The project alleviated immediate needs and opened doors for spiritual conversations in a diverse and challenging environment.

Geetu,* a Buddhist, was pleasantly surprised by the aid supplies she received. The love demonstrated during this difficult time left a profound impact on her. Learning that this assistance came from Christian individuals, Geetu realized that their love was rooted in Jesus’ love for them. This experience led her to acknowledge Jesus as God and recognize His boundless love for all.

Batsa,* a local believer, shared the struggles his family faced in meeting basic needs. Despite working at a nearby school and his wife working as a farmer, the income was insufficient. God’s provision through the relief project was a tangible expression of love for Batsa and his family during their time of need. This experience transformed his perspective, instilling gratitude in every situation and reinforcing the importance of loving others.

Through the support of donors and the dedication of Send Relief’s local partners, lives were not only sustained materially but also touched spiritually. A hundred people heard the gospel, and several hundred were impacted by relief supplies.

*Names changed for security.

Published January 22, 2024