Kidnapper for Hire Converts and Saves Village From Rebels

By Send Relief Staff

In the 1980s, Mr. Garcia worked as a professional kidnapper for hire.

As a proud communist spy and informer, Mr. Garcia used to work for the government, flying under the radar as a motorcycle driver and chauffeur.

Recently, Mr. Garcia attended a Send Relief training for sustainable farming along the Asia Rim. In a program with 800 participants, he learned about successful crop rotations, micro-enterprises for carrot and potato produce and leadership strategies for agricultural communities.

As a result, Mr. Garcia surrendered his life to God and now serves as an active member of a local Baptist church!

While he used to spend his time tracking and pursuing lenders down dark alleyways, today, Mr. Garcia cares for his family. He supports various church ministries with money he makes ethically through local farming initiatives.

When rebels attacked some local villages and pillaged several farms last year, Mr. Garcia was instrumental in witnessing to them and preventing further strikes.

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Published September 22, 2022

Send Relief Staff