How You Are Helping in India’s COVID Crisis

By Send Relief Staff

Elderly couple Kiara and Aayush live in a rural region of India on top of a hill in an extremely remote village.

Already ostracized from their community for being believers, Kiara and Aayush have been forced to bear the weight of grief alone after their 36-year-old son, a pastor, passed away from COVID-19 complications. His wife is also combatting the illness in isolation, as Kiara and Aayush take care of their two young grandchildren while they mourn.

Since their son’s passing, the couple have been unable to go to the grocery store or even get emotional support from their community, as everyone is afraid of contracting the virus.

Similarly, elderly grandmother Prisha lives in a village that has no access to the gospel and no church near her community. Last year, she lost her only son and daughter-in-law to coronavirus and was left to care for three small children. Her 13-year-old granddaughter is the only one able to make an income for the family, working as a day-laborer on a farm for little pay. Though the hours are long, and work is increasingly hard to find, the family has no other way to keep food on the table.

Your gifts to Send Relief empowered our partners to hold food distributions for these families, and thousands more, amid India’s COVID-19 crisis. Through these distributions, disciples have been made, brothers and sisters have been baptized and local churches have been planted.

Today, Kiara and Aayush have groceries and wanted to share their appreciation, “We really needed this ration kit today. Thank God and also those who gave. May the help we received be used by the Lord to bring the whole family to Christ!”

Prisha also met our distributors with tears in her eyes, saying, “I am a widow and really don’t have much. I was in great need of this food—thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who gave to me!” She currently is hosting a Bible study in her home and looking for ways to relieve her granddaughter’s workload.

A local pastor we are partnering with in these efforts commented on the distributions, “We are ready to go out into the communities to help people physically while also helping them spiritually by sharing the gospel. Most of the people have no jobs because everything is locked down, which means they have no way to buy food for their families. If we can help in any way, they will be able to see the love of God.”

Thank you for caring for the hurting people of India in their time of need. If you would like to help more families suffering through this crisis, give below.


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Published May 4, 2021

Send Relief Staff