How the Gift of a Pig Restores Families After a Flood

In the wake of a devastating flood that claimed 131 lives and left many without homes, the local community found solace and support through a ministry project made possible by generous donations to the Send Relief gift catalog. The initiative, spearheaded by Send Relief field leaders and local churches, aimed to meet immediate needs and empower individuals for a self-sustainable future.

The project focused on providing essential resources to rebuild lives, offering those affected basic farming tools, seeds and one pig to people impacted by the flood. 685 adults received the tools and resources to cultivate their land, and 10 evangelists reached out to 1,250 individuals sharing the gospel and touching lives. As a result, 55 individuals chose to embrace Christ, marking the beginning of a new chapter for them. The new believer’s class at the church has outgrown its regular meeting space.

The provision of pigs and seeds sparked optimism among the affected families. They now see a way of producing income that will empower them to move out of rental housing and rebuild their homes. The seeds promise a harvest that will feed their families and provide income to pay for their children’s school fees.

In a testament to the project’s success, a church member who was an experienced farmer, praised God for restoring his livelihood. Having regained a pig and the means to support his family, he now joyfully shares his expertise with others who also received the supplies.

Even beyond the immediate impact, the project earned respect from local government officials and community leaders. Impressed by the selfless efforts of our church, they acknowledged the importance of extending help beyond the church walls. Community leaders visited the church to express their appreciation, recognizing the authenticity of our commitment to aiding those in need.

The project not only provided tangible support but also served as a powerful tool for evangelism. Even a local leader of a different faith, who contributed to sourcing farming tools, has been touched by the love and witness of the church. A local pastor’s dedication to sharing the gospel has led to ongoing conversations with this leader and his wife.

Local believers are asking for prayer to ensure the project’s ongoing success, praying for abundant crops, healthy animals and the continued acceptance of Christ in the community.

In the face of tragedy, this ministry project has not only restored homes and fields but has sowed the seeds of faith and resilience. Through continued support from the Send Relief catalog, you can take part in a future where more lives are transformed by the gospel and communities stand stronger together.

Published December 4, 2023