Homecare Buckets Bring Hope to South Africa’s Elderly

By Send Relief Staff

The pandemic further complicated the already challenging lives of many disabled, elderly and ill South Africans.

Those battling poverty and seeking affordable healthcare encountered the worst of the country’s lockdowns, with nurses and hospitals facing a nationwide shortage of gloves, masks and other medical necessities.

One of the patients hit the hardest by these medical shortages was 74-year-old Mrs. D.

Mrs. D lives on her own and was intimidated at the prospect of facing another lockdown by herself when Send Relief partners discovered her situation.

Along with nearly 1,000 other people in need, Mrs. D received a homecare bucket filled with food, masks, Scripture and prayer pamphlets!

The volunteer who delivered Mrs. D’s bucket said, “Sharing God’s love with her and giving her a message of hope—she was in tears before I knew it! I realized that many of our community members are hurting and suffer alone in silence. This project has been more fulfilling than I could have dreamed, and the buckets opened doors into homes that I never would have been in, putting me in contact with people who are hidden from the eyes of the world.” She continued, “Thank you for this revelation! I have cherished every moment of this experience.”

These homecare buckets gave pastors and church leaders the opportunity to visit people who may not have had the opportunity to hear the gospel before. As one pastor put it, “I have gotten to know those in the community who are disabled and bedridden, and the church has moved from a building to the community.”

Pray for the churches, pastors and partners who are continuing to care for the bucket recipients. Pray for the many South Africans who have lost loved ones in the pandemic to find peace. Finally, pray for God to provide volunteers with a fresh vision for how to serve the needy.

Published April 18, 2023

Send Relief Staff