Heroin Addiction Spikes in Kenya

Kenya is currently experiencing a substance abuse crisis.

Over half the nation’s drug users are under 19 years old and sadly, many youth don’t know about the rehabilitation services and treatments they need to recover.

Because schools and religious institutions remain the chief resources for children and teenagers already battling addiction, Send Relief established a drug rehabilitation center focusing on young men struggling with heroin addiction.

Along with the detox program, teams offer one-on-one counseling sessions, Bible studies and nutritional plans to address men’s mental, spiritual and physical well-being holistically. Often, graduates opt to stay and help the next round of patients set goals and maintain their sobriety.

This last year proved difficult for program managers. And yet, between mandated COVID-19 lockdowns and many patients starting detox and then dropping out to help their families make money, 10 graduates completed the official program, all turning their lives to Christ in their last weeks!

One of the program staff, Mike, wanted to share his experience with you—the donors who have made this recovery center possible: “This has helped me grow in my walk with Christ. I was able to plant a local church that is growing, and I’ve seen a good number of individuals come to faith. I’ve been so encouraged seeing drug addicts come out of their slavery and ask to get baptized. Just the other day, I witnessed one of my guys present the gospel and baptize this new disciple at the end of the detox. My wife and I are so grateful for this ministry—it is something to celebrate!”

Thank you for caring for those navigating the hardships of addiction! Pray for youth in Kenya to become aware of the resources available to them and the hope that the gospel can provide in their lives.

Published August 22, 2022